Seawave Fisheries Ltd has a strong Research & Development orientation. Currently, the Company acts as a coordinator for the research project: "Operational models for process optimisation in Cyprus fish farming industry", partially funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion foundation ( Additionally, the Company has led another research project relating to new fish species introduction "Siganus Rivulatus".  The Company also participates in the European Aquaculture Technology Platform (

Operational models for process optimisation in Cyprus’ fish farming industry

The aim of this research project is to optimize the processes involved in Cyprus’ open-sea fish farming industry. This will be achieved by developing associated operational models and utilize image processing technology to collect and process relevant input data. Duration of this project is estimated to be of the order of twenty-four (24) months and this is partially funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation under the scheme for "Development of new Industrial Products and Processes" ( [Project’s total budget: approximately £153,000 or €265,000].


The specific research objectives of this project can be identified in:

  1. identification and description of the main parameters that influence production process’ performance and subsequently overall cost;

  2. operational model development, describing the relationship of the aforementioned parameters and their relative merits in determining overall cost;

  3. parametric analysis of the model and scenario evaluation;

  4. image processing technology utilisation to estimate food-conversion-ratio;

  5. relative algorithms development to process input data and estimate fish weight based on fish visual characteristics.


The consortium supporting this research project is an SME operating in the fish-farming sector, a Cyprus RTD performer and a Greek RTD performer, namely, Seawave Fisheries Ltd, Frederick Institute of Technology (FIT,, and National Technical University of Athens (NTUA,


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