Seawave Fisheries Ltd was established in 1995 and operates in the fish-farming sector. The company followed rapid growth and today is positioned among the four major fish farming companies in Cyprus. It operates in the area of Vasiliko/ Zygi at the Southern coast of Cyprus.

Currently, the Company operates twenty-five cages. Ten of these cages have capacity of 180,000 fish each, whereas the rest fifteen cages have capacity of 90,000 fish each. The current capacity of the company is estimated at about 700 tonnes (sea-bream/ sea-bass).

The Company has fifteen (15) employees in the production field, whereas another seven (7) are employed at sales. A number of specialists are employed in the fields of fish-stock monitoring, quality control, equipment upgrade/ maintenance, and production planning and control. A continuous upgrade in equipment is followed, such as cars, boats, lifting equipment, etc. Diving personnel continuously attends courses for safe diving practices.

A new packaging facility is about to be completed soon, which will comply with all food quality and hygiene specifications as these are set by National and European law. This site will also accommodate the Company’s head-offices.


Seawave Fisheries Ltd has a strong Research & Development orientation. Currently, the Company acts as a coordinator for the research project: Operational models for process optimisation in Cyprus’ fish farming industry, partially funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion foundation. Project consortium, apart from Seawave Fisheries, comprises of Frederick Institute of Technology, Cyprus, and National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Additionally, the Company has led another research project relating to new fish species introduction (Siganus Rivulatus).

The Company also participates in the European Aquaculture Technology Platform (


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